Dr. Mike Korns teaches a class in Employment and Labor Relations using the Zoom videoconferencing technologyThanks to our "Zoom" videoconferencing technology, you can join classes in Human Resources and Employment Relations or Health Services Administration from anywhere in the world. The technology allows an almost unlimited number of students to be live on screen in the classroom, and to interact with the professor and other class members in real time. Students "appear" on screen and can interact with persons in the classroom and with each other.

Become a Part of the Classroom Discussion

Our videoconferencing technology allows students students who can't get to the classroom or who prefer delivery via technology to still take graduate classes at IUP. But it is not a typical online program. Students taking classes online will still benefit from the crucial face-to-face aspect that teaches the skills necessary to succeed in healthcare administration and in employment and labor relations.

Students are part of discussions, real-time videos, and even quizzes. Those students who are part of the virtual classroom' through technology, for example, can text in answers or responses to questions.

Maintain Your Flexibility While Earning Your Degree

Whether you are looking to earn a master's degree inHuman Resources and Employment Relations or Healthcare Administration, you don't have to decide whether to attend classes in person or online ahead of time. If you are traveling or cannot come to campus, simply log in and join online. Our technology allows us to offer classes simultaneously in four locations:

  • Indiana (Main Campus)
  • Pittsburgh East (Monroeville)
  • Northpointe (Armstrong County)
  • Dixon University Center (Harrisburg)
  • Online

Simply attend a class at a location convenient for you on a given day. Questions? Reach out directly to David Piper, chair of IUP's Department of Employment and Labor Relations, at 724-357-4471 or via e-mail at David.Piper@iup.edu or Michael Korns, program recruitment coordinator, at 724-357-4424 or via e-mail at mkorns@iup.edu.