Getting Started

Welcome to the ELR Department at IUP! We are happy to have you on board and look forward to getting to know you better in the near future.

We realize that not all of our students are familiar with class registration at IUP and other systems, so we want to provide you with the following information to better prepare you for your new academic journey.

If you have specific financial aid, housing, meal plan, etc., types of questions, you will need to contact those departments or offices directly at IUP.

Some items you should complete prior to the start of the semester:

  1. Log into MyIUP.

    MyIUP will be where you can find classes that are being offered, register for your classes, register for a parking permit, and all of your passwords for e-mail, etc. MyIUP will be the main system you will use while a student at IUP.

    Prior to registering for classes each semester, you will need an ALT PIN. Contact your advisor for your PIN.

    If you are having problems finding a class, please contact your advisor.

  2. Log into imail, the IUP e-mail system.

    The imail system is the primary form of communication at IUP. We will not send messages to your personal e-mail address. Therefore, it is important that you log into your imail account as soon as possible.

    Please watch your new IUP e-mail account for upcoming department meetings and announcements.

  3. Review the Employment and Labor Relations website.

    It is advisable that you review the complete website so you are familiar with the department.

    An important document, the ELR Checklist, will help guide you in scheduling classes. This document outlines the required classes you will need to complete for graduation, and will help you plan your path for future semesters.

  4. Visit the IUP Co-Op store, the campus book store.

    Information on how to order your books is provided there. That is also where you'll find required textbooks each semester for your classes. Please check there before asking your instructor.

We look forward to seeing you in class. Best of luck!