For Current Graduate Employment and Labor Relations Students

The IUP Graduate Catalog offers valuable detailed information regarding the ELR program. Students currently enrolled in the department, as well as prospective students, should refer to the catalog often for answers to their questions.

While enrolled in the ELR program, students may find the following forms useful:

  • ELR Program Checklist—This program checklist should be prepared and revised as needed in consultation with the student's advisor. It is used to chart ELR program completion and is also required to be included with the ELR Degree Candidacy Form below.
  • ELR Degree Candidacy Form—The ELR Degree Candidacy Form is required to be prepared and submitted to the student's advisor after the student has completed nine to 12 credits. Students cannot graduate until the degree candidacy has been approved. This process must be completed in a professional manner in order to meet the approval of the student's advisor and the department chair. Failure to do so can result in a delay of graduation.

Some other items that may prove useful include Alumni Testimonials submitted by IUP Employment and Labor Relations graduates.