Tom Delcoco

Graduated May 2006

Investigator for the Federal Government

"Following graduation, I was working in employment labor relations/human resources for five years. I successfully negotiated two labor contracts and was a management advocate for arbitrations/mediation. In addition, I successfully conducted business during a labor stoppage and was able to negotiate the company's first random drug policy. After five years of labor relations/human resources, I found a new calling, and I am currently an investigator for the federal government conducting national security investigations.

"Other than the superb educational experience that speaks for itself, the ELR program gave me a sense of direction. As a previous adjunct professor at the University of Clarion, I used to persuade my students to enroll in the ELR program. Most students were hesitant because it was not their particular field of interest; however, the classes themselves were not the reason for my current success. There is no question that I left the ELR program with an excellent education; however, the family-like atmosphere and the true passion for learning and success that the program created helped me find myself as a person. To this day, when I have a conversation with someone that is unsure of what they want in life, I recommend two things: the military or the ELR program at IUP."