Paul Sykes

Graduated December 2011

Field Examiner for the National Labor Relations Board

"The ELR program has helped me tremendously as it develops many of the skills needed to be a competent Field Examiner. Specifically, classes such as Contract Administration and Collective Bargaining provide hands on training for many of the issues that arise everyday working for the NLRB. The ELR program also is great at developing the necessary analytical and writing skills needed in the day-to-day work as a field examiner.

"Perhaps the best part of the program is the great professors, great classmates, and the great networking opportunities this program offers. Each professor has hands-on experience in the field and has particular knowledge and specialization in different facets of labor relations. Moreover, the professors want you to succeed and will do their best to assure that you understand the material. The great classmates make it bearable to write those never-ending contract papers and burdensome research papers. The networking opportunities that the ELR program offers are truly unmatched as the program has a great reputation with the NLRB and various private employers.

"I began as a co-op field examiner with the National Labor Relations Board in Los Angeles in July 2011, and I was converted to a full-time field examiner in January 2012 and have been working in that position ever since."