Nigel Cass

Graduated 2011

Safety Supervisor at Industrial Services Company, Johns Manville

"Since graduating, I have been a human resources intern for Marriott in Pittsburgh (non-union), and I am now working in a unionized environment for a contract job in the glass industry. Essentially I am the lead project-management representative during the nightshift. I issue work permits, monitor safety, and mediate between factory-management and union contractors as well as deal with discipline and terminations . . . . The skills I have learned from the ELR program I use everyday . . . . I know how to work and negotiate with union members, I know how to mediate, and I know how to motivate people to work efficiently and safely. ALL of those skills I learned in the ELR program. I am doing so well with it that management has decided to extend my contract . . . . The only thing else I can really say is that the skills you learn are what count with the ELR program. You really do learn how to be effective in a human resources/union environment . . . . The ELR program gave me the skills to be the best at my job, which has translated into a raise and a contract extension as well as future work."