Right for Me?

  • Questions to Consider:

    1. Characteristics of a Successful Faculty Leader: Do you have what it takes?

    • Are you adventurous? Flexible? Adaptable?
    • Do you enjoy spending time with students in non-academic setting and helping them with non-academic matters?
    • Do you have a sense of humor?
    • Are you a good organizer and bookkeeper?
    • Do you have the time to do this?
    • Does your status at IUP enable you to be away and get paid extra? 

    2. Program Site Selection: Where should you go?

    • Where in the world have you lived and traveled?
    • Where do you feel comfortable leading a group?
    • What sites relate best to your discipline area?
    • What sites might appeal to students?
    • Where do you have professional contacts?
    • Where does IUP have contacts or infrastructure?
    • Where is IUP under-represented?

    3. Term Selection: When should you go?

    • Is your site more pleasant in winter or summer?
    • Do you have other obligations during either term?
    • When can your host(s) best accommodate the group?
    • Studies have shown that typically more winter programs run vs summer programs.

    4. Design of Course Menu: What courses should you teach/offer?

    • Do any of your usual course offerings lend themselves to being taught at an international site?
    • Will you be able to cover necessary course material abroad?
    • Is there someone at the host institution who could teach/co-teach?
    • Should the program be cosponsored? (i.e., sociology/cultural anthropology)

    5. Definition of Target Audience: Who is your target audience and how will you recruit them?

    • Is the program relevant only to a specific major or other group?
    • Can you target feeder courses?
    • Is the program targeted to too wide an audience?
    • How will you recruit?
    • Will it be dual listed (undergrad/graduate)?
    • Will you recruit outside of IUP?
    • Will you offer a noncredit option?

    6. Choice of Program Excursions: Where should you go?

    • What excursions make sense from a cultural standpoint?
    • What excursions make sense from an academic standpoint?
    • What excursions give the most bang for their buck?
    • Did you plan in free time for more touristy excursions?

    7. Group Size/Capacity: What size group is right?

    • How many students can your host site handle?
    • How many students can your course handle?
    • How many students can you handle?
    • Have you discussed minimum number of students with your dean (for a contract)?

    8. Financial Considerations: Can everyone afford it?

    • Will the program fee be reasonable?
    • Will other expenses be reasonable?
    • What about faculty compensation? (i.e., enough students to cover costs of faculty leader?)

    Adapted from University of Delaware Study Abroad