Proposal Process and Timeline

  • In this section, you will see different offices, programs, and individuals to help you through the proposal process and beyond. Remember that it takes a community to make this work, so reach out to the experts for guidance and support. 

    The Proposal Process

    1. Faculty are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the OIE: EA before and/or while embarking on the proposal process. Consider contacting the OIE as soon as possible to let them know you’re working on an idea, so they may be able to provide any additional, timely resources and/or opportunities. 
    2. Discuss the idea with the departmental chair and college dean to get a clearer picture of, if any, special requirements there might be. For example,
      1. Does the proposed program need a minimum number of registered participants?
      2. Are there any financial incentives/grants/other you can apply for within the department or college?
      3. Do you have the support of the chair and dean?
    3. Complete the proposal form, which includes a detailed budget. The proposal form will seek information regarding details on the course offering, the projected dates, itinerary, and recruitment plan.
    4. Detailed budget will seek as much detail as possible from the applicant, to ensure the right balance of affordability and quality. Understanding that the proposal is often 12 months from departure, it is important to submit as much detail as possible so that, when advertising, the information is correct for students. Once you advertise a program cost for participants, you are not permitted to increase the amount. A buffer is included in the budget form, see for details. 
    5. The signature routing form will accompany the proposal form. Approval signatures are sought from the chairperson and dean. If it is a dual (or multiple) listing (from two or more departments and/or colleges), appropriate approvals must be sought before submitting the proposal form.
      1. Faculty-Leader – By submitting this step, you 1) have completed and attached the Short-Term Education Abroad Program Proposal Form; 2) Attached a brief rationale for the proposed program; 3) Attached a proposed budget; 4) Accept responsibility for the academic content and quality of the academic components of this proposed program; 5) Accept responsibility for the proper technical and financial conduct of the associated program costs; 6) Acknowledge and accept responsibility for compliance with the IUP Office of International Education, Education Abroad procedures regarding travel with students; 7) Assure arrangements have been made for any items requiring special consideration by your department, dean, provost, OIE, etc.; 8) Acknowledge and accept responsibility for maintaining timely correspondence regarding updates, changes and required submissions with the OIE, Bursar’s Office, Travel Office, Procurement Services, etc.; 9) Accept responsibility for all aspects of program: academics, reports, regulatory compliance, student conduct, university policies, and financial management.   

      2. Department Chair or Designee – By approving this program proposal, you are certifying that 1) the proposed program is appropriate and supported academically by the department; 2) The faculty-leader has discussed this proposal with you, including the academic components, all financial aspects, and salary and/or compensation; 3) You have discussed clear expectations of the faculty-leader regarding the aspects of the program, including any support to be provided by the department. 

      3. Dean or Designee – By approving this program proposal, you are indicating 1) Your approval of the academic content of the proposed program; 2) That personnel/faculty are available to pursue this program; 3) The program is appropriate to and coordinated with the college and OIE procedures and policies; 4) The faculty-leader has discussed salary and/or compensation for this program. Your signature for approval of this application does not necessarily indicate any commitment to funding a program or project.  
    6. Your three-part proposal (form, budget, and signature page) will be submitted to the assistant director: Education Abroad. You will get an acknowledgement of receipt, and it will be reviewed for completion before it is sent to the AVP for International Education and the provost for final review. 
    7. You will be notified as soon as the decision has been made, and then the fun begins!
    8. You will be able to start advertising: fliers, e-mails, and StudioAbroad webpage (more under Resources section on this).