Teaching English inaround the World

  • Indonesian EFL Lecturers’ Perceptions and Experiences of Professional Development

    Rudi Hartono, Department of English

    Professional development for teachers plays an important role in sustaining lecturers’ knowledge base and teaching skills. Teachers need to be academically recharged with fresh knowledge and new insights through professional development in order to grow and develop professionally. This qualitative study aims to explicate the ways in which Indonesian EFL lecturers perceived and experienced professional development. The researcher will share findings related to several emergent themes from the study: experiences, motivation, impact, importance, and constraints of professional development.  

    Black Teachers of English in South Korea

    Quanisha Charles, Department of English 

    The ongoing scholarship within the field of TESOL tends to perpetuate the stereotypical monolith of a Native English Speaker (NES) being equated with White, which excludes and disregards individuals who do not identify in that way. This presentation is based on work that seeks to disrupt that equation by analyzing how Black Teachers of English (BTE) construct the term NES. The researcher will share findings from the preliminary literature review and the methodological plan for a study that considers how BTE negotiate their English language teaching identity as professionals within the South Korean context.