Educational Resources for Diverse Students

  • Peers Mentoring Peers

    Jamaal Gosa, Student Affairs in Higher Education

    Peer-to-peer interaction plays an important role especially for freshman when focused on academics, study skills, social interaction. Research has indicated that the contributions of upperclassman who reach out to first semester students can provide insights and resources, introduce student engagement opportunities on campus, and can present a sense of accountability (Harper, 2006). These relationships are more productive than meeting with academic advisors once every semester. This presentation will highlight the progress of an IUP peer mentoring group known as “Creating Higher Standards,” and will consider how colleges can initiate a successful mentoring program with limited financial resources.

    Providing Library Services to Diverse Populations

    Maria Barefoot, Stapleton Library

    There has been surprisingly little research done about how race affects services within the academic library setting, but the research that is available documents some troubling trends that many may not be aware of. These include the changing levels of service based on culturally representative names, use of microaggressions towards patrons of color, and an unwelcoming physical climate for patrons of color. Current approaches to rectifying these issues include initiatives to recruit more librarians of color into the profession, and include more multicultural education within library and information science masters and doctoral programs. However, these efforts do little to address the current staff who provide service in libraries today. This presentation will share a literature review about issues surrounding race in library services.