Diverse Journalistic and Artistic Explorations

  • On Being: Journalist, Artist, Publisher and Scholar of American Minority Cultures

    Miriea Sentis, Visiting Curator, College of Fine Arts, 

    Visiting curator, filmmaker, and scholar Mireia Sentis reflects on the bridges that built her multifaceted career in both Spain and the U.S.

    Race and Reporting: Training Student Journalists

    Laurie Miller, Department of Journalism and Public Relations

    Reporting on racial issues can be a daunting task for professionals already familiar with the principles of journalism: factual and contextual accuracy, fairness, holding the powerful accountable, and giving voice to the voiceless. Such topics present additional challenges to journalism students still navigating the basic tenets. Reporting on race and ethnicity is often integrated in curriculums, rather than being offered as a separate topic or unit. This researcher will share preliminary findings on the topic in an effort to make a case for implementing a specific unit on covering racial and ethnic issues as part of student journalists’ professional training.

    Finding Frank Yerby: Researching an African American Expatriate in Spain

    Veronica Watson, Department of English

    Research in the field of English Studies can take many paths, including one that resembles journalistic pursuit. The researcher will share her experience of traveling to Madrid to research an African American writer, Frank Yerby, who lived for over 40 years in Spain, and will reflect on the opportunities that pursuing Yerby’s story have provided her as a person and a scholar.