Considering Attitudes inabout Race and Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice Worldview and Ideology: An Exploration of Student Perceptions of Race, Ethnicity, Social Structure and Crime

    Paul Hawkins, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Prior research indicates that teaching intersections of race, ethnicity, social class, and justice consists of several challenges, particularly when classrooms lack diversity and when students are hesitant, resistant, and uncomfortable or indifferent with material that may challenge their preconceived ideas. Adding to this is the fact that many students find it difficult to explore diversity issues beyond their subjective experience. The purpose of this working paper is to present a pedagogical tool developed to address these challenges in an undergraduate criminology course. The essay assignment, consisting of an introspective and observant assessment of one's worldview as it relates to intersectionality and justice, will be presented. Pedagogical and future research implications aiming to improve its utility and enhance its effectiveness will be discussed.

    Students’ Perceptions of Safety at IUP

    Kalif Coates and Micaela Rodas, Douglass Research Academy

    College is a place where young adults go to learn, to step out and try new things. This freedom and exploration are often accompanied, however, with increased risk-taking, and possibly even danger. In the Indiana community, for instance, prospective students might anticipate that there would not be much criminal activity because it is a small town, but recent months have had several, highly publicized reports of crime, leaving some students shaken and concerned. Research also suggests that the drug and alcohol use at IUP may be increasing. The purpose of this study is to explore students’ perceptions of drug and alcohol use and perceptions of safety at IUP and how these may link to their attitudes toward persistence. Presenters will outline the research questions, methodologies, and data collection plan being pursued for the study.