Intersections of Race, Religion, and Racism

  • Jason Kish presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014Internalized Racism

     — Jason Kish, Department of English

    This paper focuses on three literary works—The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, Passing by Nella Larson, and Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by August Wilson—and argues that the tragedies experienced by the main characters stem from internalized racism. Joe Turner’s Come and Gone suggests a solution to the problem not found in the other two texts—finding our value as individuals within society. 

    Tarah Dunn presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014The Past(s) and Presence(s): Issue of Racism and Oppression in the U.S.

    — Tarah Dunn, Department of English 

    This presentation will examine literature and research methods related to studies of mixed heritage individuals in the U.S.  A review of the relevant history and literature of minorities’ experiences in the United States will also be provided with a goal of discerning areas of research needed to better understand mixed race individuals and their perceptions of race and ethnicity in the United States.  

    “What Do Christian Feminist Theologians Do and How Do They Do It?”

     — Dr. Alison Downie, Department of Religious Studies

    Alison Downie presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014While many people, both inside Christianity and outside this faith tradition, do not see any connection between feminist values and Christian faith, feminist theology is a dynamic, thriving academic study.  This paper will explore ecofeminist theology, and will argue that a spirituality of openness can be traced across the work of many distinct Christian ecofeminist theologians. This theme of openness is important because it furthers dialogue among people with ecological concern, whether or not they participate in any faith tradition.