Depictions Women of Color in Literature and Media

  • Jennifer Matos Ayala presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014“Some Meat on the Bones: Representations of Full -Bodied Women in Novels”

    Jennifer Matos Ayala, Department of English  

    Over time the body image of the ideal woman has changed from having some meat in her bones to being paper thin. This is clear in the media, but what about in the novels being read and taught? This presentation will explore the representations of full-bodied women in The Color Purple, Push and other twentieth century novels by women of color. 

    Hannah Jackson presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014 "The Contemporary Hottentot"

    Hannah Jackson Matthews, Department of English

    This multimedia presentation will examine hyper-sexualized portrayals of black women in America’s media.  I will address how historical sexualization and exploitation of black women has created stereotypes of black woman as jezebels, and will discuss the harmful effects these images have on blacks Americans.  This presentation will consist of modern day examples of problematic portrayals and their historical connections.