Accounting for Student Diversity in Higher Education

  • “Does the Use of GPA and SAT Scores Disadvantage Students from Certain Geographic Locations? An Analysis of IUP’s Admissions Processes”

    Nicholas Brock, Political Science

    Nicholas BrockThis presentation will present the finding of a research study that examined the key criteria used for student admittance into a university and the impact environmental factors play into the university’s decision.  I analyzes IUP’s admissions’ recruiting strategies in specific rural, urban, and suburban geographic locations and correlate those to the admissions criteria used by the university.  Key research questions are “How does the use of GPA, SAT scores, etc. impact IUP’s ability to diversify its student body based on geography?” and “What components of IUP’s admissions criteria can be accomplished without compromising another?”  

    "Digital Natives and Online Learning: Can Educational Technology Meet the Needs of Diverse Learning Audiences?"

    Malaika Turner, Communications Media and Instructional Technology

    Malaika Turner presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014The pervasiveness of technology is undeniable, even in today’s educational system.  It has altered the way educators approach course delivery.  But does one size fit all?  Research suggests that digital natives, a term created by popular press, have a propensity towards the use of technology in their daily lives.  But does this translate to the classroom learning experience?  This paper explores whether technology meets the needs of a particular subset of the digital native generation as they navigate the maze of higher education. 

    "Student Diversity and Organizational Culture: A Case Study of Student Organizational Involvement in Institution Focused Diversity Work"

    Valerie Hayes, Professional Studies in Education 

    Valerie Hayes presenting at Issues of Diversity 2014Institutions of higher education have developed an array of diversity initiatives to support the needs of diverse students whom they recruit, admit, and enroll.  However, beyond listing student organizations on a university’s web page or a glossy publication, and beyond encouraging new and current students to consider joining a student organization or club, how do universities integrate student organizations into their institutional diversity initiatives?  The focus of this study is on student organization involvement in institution focused diversity work and what impact, if any, it has on institutional culture and organizational change.