Language, Culture, and Identity

  • “Language, Culture and Identity of English Language Learners”

    Jennifer Depto—Jennifer Depto, Department of Professional Studies in Education: Curriculum and Instruction

    For English language learners attending schools serving small populations with little diversity, isolation can be an issue for many of these students. This struggle for identity can be even more challenging when children’s experiences that support American culture may overwhelm the importance of their home culture and language. This paper addresses the issue of identity for this population and identifies research based strategies that educators and administrators can implement in order to support the needs of these learners.

    “Situating the Discourses of Privilege and Marginalization in the Lives of Two East Asian Women Teachers of English”

    Gloria Park—Gloria Park, Department of English: Composition and TESOL

    This presentation focuses on the identity constructions and negotiations of two East Asian women teachers of English in MATESOL programs. I zoom in on the ways in which the two women’s privileged experiences coexisted with issues of marginalization 10 once they entered English speaking contexts. Using the women’s narrative accounts collected during 2004– 15 2005 AY, the core of the analyses focuses exclusively on the different forms of marginalization these women negotiate in reconstructing their identity within English/Turkish as second language spaces (both study abroad and graduate programs) and the ways in which Bourdieu’s forms of capital play out in the intersection of privilege and marginalization.