Class Impact and Multiracial Activism

  • “Growing Up Working Class in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania: How Class Impacts Career and Educational Decisions”

     —Brian J. Farester, Administration and Leadership Studies

    Brian J. FaresterArmstrong County, Pennsylvania has a history of challenging economic and industrial conditions. Examining how family, school, and community influence career and post-secondary educational choices in a rural de-industrialized area can improve the future for young people and the social and economic health of the county. In this study, Farester asks: How do the Armstrong School District, family members, and community members influence the career and post-secondary educational choices of young people in Armstrong County?

    “‘United in Their Demands’: Multiracial Activism in North Philadelphia, 1970s-1980s”

     —Alyssa Ribeiro, Department of History

    Alyssa RibeiroFrom the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties, black, Puerto Rican, and white residents in North Philadelphia participated in myriad grassroots efforts in response to urban challenges. This paper draws upon community organization records and newspaper accounts to show how these efforts were both racially integrated and surprisingly successful. All of these efforts consciously sought to draw participation that reflected the diverse racial demographics of the affected neighborhoods. These grassroots actions found hard-won successes in the city’s recognition of squatters’ rights, the realization of long-delayed school construction, and increased public awareness that drove gradual change in the police department.