Writing for Publication and ESL Listening

  • “The Complexities of Writing for Publication”

    —Sedef Smith, Department of English

    Building on previous studies that investigated how English-as-an-additional-language writers engage in academic writing through their multilingual linguistic repertoires, this research looks at the similarities and differences between North America-based multilingual and English speaking scholars in terms of the challenges they face in their attempts to get access into core disciplinary communities through publishing. This presentation covers the rationale for this study and also discusses some of the issues explored in the previous research.

    “Developing ESL Listening: Promoting Student Motivation”

    —Hlaviso Albert Motlhaka, Department of English

    This study analyzes learning and teaching strategies that foster student motivation and English as a Second Language (ESL) listening to enhance ESL learning. In developing ESL listening, this study demonstrates that cooperative activities promote a non-threatening environment conducive for learning. It also finds that teacher talk and teachers’ questions elicit students’ use of ESL through speech production. Finally, after demonstrating the implications of learning and teaching strategies, this study offers a set of recommendations to help teachers and researchers in promoting student motivation and developing ESL listening.