Web Maintainers: Starting the New Semester

Posted on 8/24/20 5:26 PM

Welcome back, web maintainers! As you start another busy semester, there are some things that you might find helpful to know.

Check Your Current Web Maintainer List

Please take a moment to review the list of Web Maintainers for your office or department. If there's anyone who needs to be removed or added, please submit an ihelp ticket and let us know. Only site approvers can request changes to the web maintainers list.

(If you're on the list, but are no longer a web maintainer, let us know that, too.)

Online Courses

Online training is always available for all web maintainers. These D2L courses are available online and on-demand for new maintainers, or for those looking for a refresher.

Fundamentals for Web Maintainers

This course will introduce you to our content management system. You'll learn the basics of how to maintain your site, from updating text and images on pages to creating a news post or calendar event.

Page Layouts for Web Maintainers

This is a follow-up to the Fundamentals course and is intended for web maintainers who have already completed that course or who have equivalent skills. You'll learn how to write for a website, adjust what appears on a page, and make new pages. You'll also work with collections and learn how the website's menu system works.

Register for the online courses

Note: You must already be a web maintainer to take these courses. If unsure, please check the Web Maintainer list. If you are not listed, ask one of your site approvers to submit an ihelp ticket requesting that you be a site author or approver.

Need Help?

The Digital Team's How To section is a great resource for web maintainers of all skill levels. If you need assistance beyond what our site and training provides, please contact the Digital Team via ihelp or at web-team@iup.edu.