Update an Existing Event

  • If a published event needs to have some of its information updated, you can edit the event.

    There are two ways to start editing an existing event. Do not try editing the event from the Web browser. Always edit the event from the “Events > [your unit name]” folder in the CMS work area:

    • Edit from the calendar itself by double-clicking within the little blue box containing the event name, which will reopen the Edit Event window. When you do this, don’t click again. After a moment, the editing window will open.
    • You can also edit an existing event by scrolling to the bottom of the calendar window, where all events for that calendar are listed (just like regular Web content). Clicking on the name of the event lets you see its contents. Choose Edit to update the event’s description Choose the Edit button at top (see image) to update the event’s description—the text that appears when “more” is selected from the Events webpage calendar.

    If you are asked if you want to edit just this event or the series, it’s always best to choose the series, as this will update all instances of the event.

    When finished, click the Save button. (Clicking Edit Properties lets you change the summary, which does not appear with the description, but is useful for Web search results.)

    Remember, do not choose the Cancel button when editing an existing event! This will leave the event in a checked-out state. Always Save the event, even if you made no changes.

    Note: Although it is possible to open an event for editing by double-clicking on the staging Events page in the Web browser itself (when in Calendar view), this is not recommended as changes do not appear to be saved. Always edit events through the CMS workarea.