Saving an Image in Photoshop

  • Images should only be uploaded into the content folders. Never upload any images (or files) into the Page Layout set of folders.

    Image file names that contain punctuation, such as commas or apostrophes, will not show up properly on the website. 

    Be certain the file name does not contain commas, apostrophes, etc. before uploading the image. Avoid spaces in file names as well. Use a dash - or underscore _ in place of spaces.

  • Using the Save for Web option compresses the image file for faster performance.

    • Under File , choose Export > Save for Web .
      1. At the top, choose the “Optimized” tab. In the right-hand frame, look for the dropdown menu at the upper right (located underneath the Preset option). Choose the correct file format for your image:
        • Photos: JPG
        • Line art, logos, etc.: GIF or PNG-8
      2. Click the Save... button. Choose a location and give it a descriptive filename. Adding the width in pixels to the filename will help keep things organized, such as "Road by Dan Simpson 271 px.jpg" (without the quotes).
        • Note: Make certain that the image you want to upload does not contain any punctuation in the filename. Commas, apostrophes, etc., can cause the image to not appear properly on the website. Edit the filename before uploading the image.
    • Close the original image in Photoshop. Do not save changes to the original image (you may want to use the original for other purposes or sizes later).

    Upload the image to the CMS library as normal, either directly into the library or by placing it into a webpage or into a news post.