Image Resolution in Photoshop

  • You will often be working with images that are larger than what is needed for your website/webpage. Before cropping the image, the first step is making sure the resolution is correct.

    Note: The precise instructions may vary depending on your version of Photoshop. Please use the information below as a guide.

    Check the Image Resolution

    • From the Photoshop toolbar, click on Image > Image Size
      1. In the Image Size box, look at the number in the Resolution field. If it is not “72,” you will need to lower the resolution:
        1. Remove the checkmark next to Resample Image, located near the bottom of the Image Size window.
        2. Change the Resolution to 72.
        3. Replace the checkmark next to Resample Image.
      2. If the image does not need to be cropped, you can now adjust the image width (see below).
      3. If cropping is needed, please do that before adjusting the width. See Cropping Images.

    Adjust the Image Width

    See the recommended image sizes for the IUP website.

    • Important: You can make the image smaller, but never make it larger! Doing so will cause the image to become grainy, pixelated, or otherwise of a lower quality.

    In the Image > Image Size box, first be certain that the Resample Image option at the bottom is checked.

    1. Verify that the dropdown choice for the width is “Pixels.” Change the width to the desired size (see below). Do not edit the height—this should adjust automatically.
    2. Click OK.