Cropping Images in Photoshop

  • Did you check the image resolution?

    Take care of this before cropping or resizing

  • Selecting the Image

    1. With Photoshop open, right-click within the ruler that borders the top and left sides. Make sure "Pixels" is selected.
      • If the rulers are not appearing, click on View and then choose Rulers.
    1. PhotoShop rectangular marquee toolOpen the image you want to crop. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the toolbar.

    2. Holding the left mouse button down, drag to select the area of the image that you want to keep (everything outside of the dotted line is what you want to delete). As you drag, a little pop-up box will display the width and height in pixels of the selected area.

      • If you want the box to be a precise size, do your best to get the numbers correct. If you are unable to be exact, make it a little larger than needed. The image cropping can be finished by changing the canvas size (see below).

      When the selected box is the desired size, release the mouse button.

    3. Crop the image by selecting Image, and then Crop. All of the image that is outside of the selected area will be deleted.

      If the image looks the way you want, then reduce its size to either 737 or 750 pixels wide.

    4. Alternately, if the image needs further cropping to reach the needed size, you can either use the Rectangular Marquee Tool again, or edit the canvas size.

    5. Canvas Size refers to the width and the height of the layer, or the working space, upon which your image is sitting. Enlarging the canvas size will enlarge the working space around the picture without enlarging the picture itself.

      Decreasing the canvas size may cut away part of the image if the new canvas size is smaller then the image in height and/or width.

      • Choose Image > Canvas Size

        • Clicking within the Anchor box will adjust the direction that the canvas is enlarged. For example, choosing the left center square will affect the image size in all directions except for the left. Choosing the center square will trim the canvas equally on all sides. Choose carefully, based upon what part of the image needs to be trimmed. If you make a mistake, undo it by pressing Ctrl+Z on your keyboard.

      • Decrease the width and/or height in pixels. You will receive a warning that the new canvas size is smaller than the current canvas size, and that some clipping of the image will occur. Click Proceed.

        • Note: Choosing larger values than the image size will not increase the size of the image, just the background that it sits upon. So do not make the height or width larger.

    6. If you need to continue adjusting the image resolution, go back to the Image Resolution page.

    7. If your the image edits are complete, then save the file.