Add a Carousel to a Page Layout

  • All carousels are placed on pages by editing the page layout. Carousels are treated as content, so they must be placed into a content widget, which is inside a page column.

    Full-Width Carousel

    Full-width carousels are best used for top-of-page treatments. Be aware that they will push the text underneath farther down the page, probably forcing visitors to scroll to read the actual information on the page. Use full-width carousels with care.

    A full-width carousel will be placed into 12-column-unit-wide column.

    Half-Width or Smaller Carousel

    The width of the carousel will depend upon the width of the column in which it's placed.


    If you need help with a carousel, contact the Digital Team at

    Before contacting the Digital Team, you should try do everything else prior to placing the carousel: