Choose What You Need Your Homepage to Do

  • No homepage can be all things to all visitors. Choose what you want to highlight, and provide ways for users to quickly get to additional content.

    While it is possible to create a page that has links to everything of interest on your website, in practice such home pages are not very successful. When everything is on the page, nothing stands out, and users have a more difficult time finding what they need. As a result, you’ll get fewer visitors clicking through to get more information—just the opposite of what you probably intended.

    If you still have the desire to put everything on your homepage, keep the following in mind:

    • Many visitors to your site will never look at your homepage. In the age of Google, every page on your site is a potential landing page.

    • Don’t think of your homepage as a destination in itself—think of it as a jumping-off point to your real content.

    Can’t decide what belongs on your homepage? Consult your website goals.