Add Items to a Collection

Items can be added to an existing collection in two ways: through the web browser, or through the workarea.

Note: If a collection already appears on a published webpage, and the collection is edited to add/remove items, the page layout it appears on does not need to be submitted again for the changes to take effect.

From the Web Browser

  1. Log into staging, and go to the web page that displays the collection in the staging web browser. Click on “switch to edit” in the toolbar at the top of the page.
    Switch to Edit button in top-of-page toolbar
  2. Add Items selection in the Collection content boxThe collection will show a black box when your mouse hovers over it. Click the menu icon at the top right of the box (three horizontal lines) and choose “Add Items.” The workarea will open to that collection.
  3. Click the Add Items button at the top.
  4. Be careful when adding a new page! You MUST add it from the Page Layouts set of folders.
    • "Up"-folder icon when editing a collectionThe collection is probably located in the Content folders. This means you need to climb up the folder tree until you see the !Page Layout folder. When you do, click on that folder and then start moving down its folder list until you locate the folder containing the page you want to add. Look at the top for the folder icon with the up arrow to climb up the folder tree.
    • If you select an item from the Content folder by mistake, then the link will be incorrect. The item's icon can help you identify which is which.
      • Page Layout iconPage layout
      • Content iconContent
      • If you see a Content Icon in a collection, this is a mistake and must be fixed. Remove the content from the collection, then add the correct page layout.
    • Note: If you are adding a file, such as a PDF, then this will usually be located in the content folder. As files cannot be page layouts, there is way to make a mistake (except by choosing the wrong file).
  5. When you are in the correct folder, place a checkmark by the page you want to add, then click the Add button at the top. It is important to click the Add icon before navigating to another folder.

From the Workarea

  1. Open the workarea. Click on the Content tab and navigate to the folder where the collection is stored. (If you don't know where the collection is located, use the web browser instructions (above) to locate it.)
  2. Under the View tab, go to Collection.
  3. Select the collection you want to make changes to.
  4. Click the Add Items button at the top.
    • Follow the procedure noted in Step 4 (above) to add the correct page layout.
  5. Check the box next to the item you wish to add to your collection.
  6. Click the Add button to add the selected pages to your collection. It is important to click the Add icon before navigating to another folder.

See Remove an Item from Your Collection or Make the Collection Display on Your Page.