General Studies, BS

  • A student talks with Luke Faust in Developmental Studies

    INDIVIDUALIZED COLLEGE DEGREE — Educational advisors such as Luke Faust (left) work with each student to construct a degree that fits the student’s future plans and takes into account former classes and work experiences.

    Make Your Degree Work For You

    Given IUP’s generous and flexible assortment of majors and a variety of minors, it is somewhat rare for an IUP student’s academic needs to require an individual degree program. For those unusual cases, the university has an answer—the Bachelor of Science degree in General Studies. As a general studies major, you’ll be able to earn your degree through a collection of courses that doesn’t approach any existing IUP major.

    Your course plan, designed with help from a faculty advisor, must be based on an approved theme of study. Your theme cannot copy another IUP major or be used to avoid requirements of another major. This major is designed with the adult student in mind, and those not in the Office of Continuing Education must complete 45 credits before a request for transfer will be considered.

    For the general studies major, you’ll be required to take the IUP liberal studies courses; 24 credits of classes touching on several areas of study; 21 credits of classes in your special interest area; and 22 credits of electives. You must have a 2.0 GPA in your special interest area at the time of graduation.