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Chefs Advice: How to Choose a Culinary School


    When initially beginning your choice of culinary schools, visit  Chef Talk. This website can help you answer tons of questions you may have in many different areas...After deciding that you want to become a chef, narrow your choice of culinary schools down to two or three...Schedule "visits" to the campus' so that you may speak with the chefs, students, and faculty regarding their experiences with the program...Ask how much experience the instructor's have, where did they work, what type of training have they received, might you be able to schedule a "working visit" to one of the production classes??? Always remember that culinary programs are "building" blocks of knowledge...Every class which you have previously taken is preparing you in some way for the classes coming up...Try not to "forget" what you learned in the classes you have already completed...Have a plan for what you want to do AFTER you complete the you want to work in fine dining, hotels, resorts, country clubs, restaurants??? This will allow you to interview with the operations that most closely meet your wants and needs...Always keep in touch with your instructors, classmates, and school admissions folks...this is a very small world and you never know when you might need some help in networking...

    Chef Andrew Nutter,