Programs Overview

  • Five culinary arts students stand side by side in a kitchen

    Great chefs aren't born: They're made—with passion, learning, and experience. Start here.

    Read about great chefs, and you'll discover that they share a passion for cooking, a desire to learn, and years of experience. You already have the passion. Start your learning by working hands-on with food right away in the culinary programs at IUP.

    We offer you an accelerated 16-month program that is nationally recognized and accredited by the American Culinary Federation. Study at the Academy of Culinary Arts for 12 months: fall, spring, and summer semesters), and begin your industry experience in a paid externship during your final semester.

    Our culinary campus in Punxsutawney, PA provides you with a unique opportunity to live and learn with a community of faculty and peers who share your passion for cooking.

    What's special about our culinary campus in Punxsutawney, PA is that it gives you the university experience in an intimate setting. Culinary class sizes are small.

    You learn through a three-step process:

    1. Theory. Understand the why of food.

    2. Demonstration and application. Gain knowledge from chefs who bring years of industry experience.

    3. Proficiency. Get the time and personal attention you need to perfect your culinary skills.

    Culinary Arts Program

    In this program you’ll study culinary theory and technical methods and learn about new foods, flavors and cuisines. You’ll also sharpen your business skills with computer and management courses. Here are some of the topics you will study during your first three semesters:

    • Classical, contemporary, and international cooking methods
    • Baking and pastry arts
    • Artistic plate presentations
    • Food purchasing and cost controls
    • Restaurant management
    • Industry food trends and menu design
    • Management and motivation of employees
    • Leadership and communication skills
    • Computer applications in food service
    • And much more!

    Baking and Pastry Arts Program

    IUP’s Baking and Pastry Arts program offers you small class sizes where you will learn to create delicious, delectable pastries and cakes, magnificent showpieces, and the finest chocolates. You'll receive optimal personal training while you work side-by-side an experienced, certified executive pastry chef every day.*

    Your studies will include an expanded curriculum in:

    • Quick breads, laminated dough
    • Basic and artisanal breads
    • Pies, tarts, pastries
    • Cookies, petit four, cakes
    • Advanced cake decorating and wedding cakes
    • Custards and mousse
    • Plated desserts
    • Chocolate and candies
    • Ice cream and sorbet
    • Pastillage, chocolate, and sugar showpieces

    *The 16-month program in Baking and Pastry is open to first-year students who are starting classes in Fall 2019.

    If you are beginning your studies in Fall 2018, Baking and Pastry is offered as a second-year add-on to the Culinary Arts program. After completing Culinary Arts, you will transfer into Baking and Pastry where you will complete one semester of advanced baking classes and a paid baking externship.

    Pairing Culinary Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree

    One of the hottest job growth areas in the hospitality industry is for culinary graduates with practical experience and a four-year degree. You can apply credits from the Academy of Culinary Arts toward a four-year degree in one of these areas:

    • Hospitality Management. Complete the Culinary Arts program and you will be eligible to receive 38 credits toward the bachelor of science degree in hospitality management at IUP.

    • Food and Nutrition. Complete the Culinary Arts program and you will be eligible to receive 32 credits toward the bachelor of science degree in food and nutrition. This degree program offers you two tracks that can be combined with culinary arts: Culinary Dietetics or Nutrition.

    • Family and Consumer Sciences. Complete the Culinary Arts program and you will be eligible to receive 21 credits toward the bachelor of science in education with a major in K–12 family and consumer sciences.

    Paid Externships

    All culinary programs complete with a paid externship. You’ll be introduced to many industry employers at our Externship Sponsor Fair in the spring semester. You’ll learn about career opportunities, meet executive chefs and human resource representatives, and be interviewed for your paid externship.

    • 100 percent of our students are offered externship positions.
    • 85 percent are offered jobs in four-or five-star and diamond properties.