Career Outcomes

  • IUP Alumni

    Apply talent, passion, and work ethic—your recipe for success

    The restaurant and hospitality business rewards those with passion, talent, and a good work ethic. With a Certificate in Culinary Arts from IUP, you will be well-qualified for a position as an entry-level culinarian in the food industry. Furthermore, your IUP credentials show your future employers that you want to move up the ladder, that you want to become a leader in the kitchen, and that you are not afraid of the risks and rewards that come with a highly successful career.


    Receiving a certificate from the Culinary Academy at IUP can lead you to a career as:

    • Cook
    • Baker
    • Chef
    • Pastry Chef
    • Caterer
    • Restaurant owner
    • B&B owner
    • Food stylist
    • Food critic
    • Personal chef
    • Culinary educator
    • Food sales representative

    Path to higher degrees

    The culinary arts programs at IUP are designed to earn credits toward these five undergraduate degrees:

    Our alumni success stories

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