Baking and Pastry Arts Program

  • Baking students decorating wedding cakes

    Do you have a passion for baking and a desire to excel in the pastry arts? Give yourself a competitive edge in today’s job market and get the skills you need to prepare yourself for a successful career as a pastry cook or pastry chef (with experience).

    Expand your baking expertise!

    IUP’s Baking and Pastry Arts program offers you small class sizes where you will learn to create delicious, delectable pastries and cakes, magnificent showpieces, and the finest chocolates. You'll receive optimal personal training while you work side-by-side an experienced, certified executive pastry chef every day.

    Recognized as an “Exemplary Program”

    Described by the American Culinary Federation as “one of a kind,” our baking and pastry arts curriculum has received the highest level of accreditation.

    Your studies will include an expanded curriculum in:

    • quick breads, laminated dough
    • basic and artisanal breads
    • pies, tarts, pastries
    • cookies, petit four, cakes
    • advanced cake decorating and wedding cakes
    • custards and mousse
    • plated desserts
    • chocolate and candies
    • ice cream and sorbet
    • pastillage, chocolate, and sugar showpieces

    Read more about the courses you will take in our Baking and Pastry Arts program.

    Gain real-world experience in a paid baking externship

    Your final semester will be a 450-hour paid baking externship. You will apply and further develop the skills that you have learned in the classroom as you work with experienced industry chefs in the field. Your externship not only completes your education; it may well develop into a permanent position or a valuable reference for future employment.

    Fall 2018 Baking and Pastry Option

    If you are applying for admission to the Academy of Culinary Arts for Fall 2018, Baking and Pastry is offered as a second-year program option for students who have successfully completed Culinary Arts. You’ll begin your studies in Culinary Arts and continue into a fast-track (two-semester), Baking and Pastry Arts option in your second year.

    You will take one semester of advanced baking classes and spend your final semester in a paid baking externship. Completing the combined programs will earn you a Certificate in Culinary Arts and a Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts (and the option to transfer up to 38 credits toward a BS degree at IUP in Hospitality, Nutrition, or Family and Consumer Science Education).

    New for Fall 2019: Apply for Baking and Pastry

    Choose to specialize in Baking and Pastry as an entering student in our accelerated, sixteen-month (four-semester) Baking and Pastry program, nationally recognized and accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

    You will take classes on the culinary campus for twelve months (three semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer), and you will spend your final semester at a paid baking externship.

    Introductory, intermediate, and advanced pastry techniques will be taught in classes led by world-class, certified executive pastry chefs. You'll also learn the fundamentals of culinary theory including, sanitation management, knife skills, purchasing, nutrition, and more.

    You'll earn a Certificate in Baking and Pastry (and the option to transfer up to 38 credits toward a BS degree at IUP in Hospitality, Nutrition, or Family and Consumer Science Education)

    Baking and pastry professionals with advanced skills are in high demand

    Whether you choose to enter the first-year program or complete Culinary Arts and add on our second-year Baking and Pastry option, you'll be sure to leave our Baking and Pastry major well prepared for a pastry position in the finest kitchens.

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