Anger and Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion, but is your anger out-of-control? Read and learn what anger, aggression, and hostility are all about and how to deal them. Learn ways to cope with your anger.

Social Anxiety (NIMH)

Are you shy or might you have a social anxiety disorder? Find out what social anxiety disorder is and how it is treated.

Responding to Academic Distress for Student Athletes

College is challenging for most students, but there are additional challenges for student athletes. Student athletes can struggle to keep up, particularly with their academics. IUP has a number of resources to support the academic success of all students.

Panic Disorder (NIMH)

People with panic disorder have sudden and repeated attacks of fear that last for several minutes or longer. Read what causes panic attacks and how the disorder can be treated.

Generalized Anxiety (NIMH)

Do you know what Generalized Anxiety is all about? Do you know the difference between occasional anxiety and generalized anxiety? Is GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) treatable?

Eating Disorders (NIMH)

Do you know what an eating disorder is? Did you know that an eating disorder can be life-threatening? Read about the common types of eating disorders and how they are treated.

Depression and College Students (NIMH)

Read answers to college students' frequently asked questions about depression.

Alcohol and athletes

Alcohol use negatively affects the body and athletic performance in many ways. Read the many ways alcohol can affect students ability to be "at their peak performance."