We recognize the impact that prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination have on mental health and well-being. We are here if you need to talk. We can join you in processing your feelings, beliefs, and identities. We can also help connect you to resources that feel safe and resonate with you.

Discrimination: What It Is and How to Cope
This is an easy-to-read academic discussion of discrimination by the APA

Being Anti-racist
Easy-to-read academic discussion of individual and structural racism and how to fight it as an individual

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Article using male advantage to explain white advantage, halfway between easy-to-read and academic

How to Talk to Kids About Race
Easy-to-read article and resources

How Well-Intentioned White Families Can Perpetuate Racism
Interview in the Atlantic with sociologist Margaret Hagerman

Detour-Spotting for White Anti-racists
Discussion of attitudes/behavior that indicate when you're expressing denial, defensiveness, or white guilt

Healing Justice is How We Sustain Black Lives
Exploration of the term “Healing Justice”