School Counseling, Certification Only

Pitt East and Main Campus

Options at Both Indiana and Pittsburgh East Locations

IUP Counseling offers a certification-only track for those with counseling or very closely related degrees who need additional credits toward school counselor certification in the state of Pennsylvania.

Increase Your Options: Add School Counseling Certification to Your Master's Degree

*Currently accepting applications for spring/summer 2023 on a rolling basis while seats are available.

Those students already possessing a master's degree in Counseling or another very closely-related discipline may be eligible for IUP's School Counseling, certification-only track. This track enables students who have accrued all required credits and met all other PDE requirements to pursue preK-12 certification as a professional school counselor.

Interested applicants should contact the School Counseling program coordinator to have their graduate transcript(s) evaluated to determine their eligibility for the certification-only track and the remaining coursework necessary to complete Commonwealth graduate certification requirements.

Applicants for the certification-only track must complete a full program application and meet similar admissions requirements as degree-seeking applicants. A maximum of 20 credits is allowed under the certification-only track. Applicants not meeting eligibility requirements will be redirected to consider applying for the full 60-credit School Counseling, MEd program (course transfer options may be provided in accordance with the policies set forth by the School of Graduate Studies and Research).

Contact Our Master's Program Coordinator

Dr. Brittany Pollard-Kosidowski


Licensure/Certification Only Admissions Ambassador

Remy Garland