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    Qualify for Licensure by Completing Your Remaining Credits at IUP

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    The License Only option responds to the counselor license signed into law as Act 136 by then-Governor Ridge on December 21, 1998.

    As a result of a recent amendment to the licensing law, contact the Counseling Department for more complete details.

    The applicant for a counselor license has to successfully complete a graduate program of 60 semester hours in counseling, including a 48-semester-hour master’s degree in counseling, from an accredited educational institution. The License Only option is designed for individuals who need additional credits to meet licensure standards. You must have a master’s degree with either: (a) a minimum of 36 credit hours and meet all other criteria for grandparenting as outlined by the Licensing Board, or (b) 48 credit hours.

    An applicant’s transcript is evaluated by the department to determine which courses are recommended for credit beyond their master’s degree. The State Licensing Board makes the final determination of courses acceptable for licensure. If a student has a question about a course being accepted for licensure, they should contact the Licensing Board. Applicants for the “License Only” status must meet similar admission requirements as degree-seeking applicants, to include a minimum 3.5 graduate grade point average.