Mission Statement and Goals

  • Center for Creativity and Change Background

    Dr. Claire Dandeneau, the Counseling Department chairperson, said, “Developing the Center not only enables us to continue to provide nationally known experts to professionals in the region, but also gives us the opportunity to offer training and services to professionals in a host of other ways. It’s the only center for counselors of which we know in the area.”

    Regional workshops have been organized for professional counselors, school counselors, counselor educators, and students. Featured presenters have included national and international speakers presenting on such topics as play therapy, reality therapy, resistant youth, motivational interviewing, impact therapy, brief therapy, and counseling adolescents, to name but a few. As workshops present in either the Indiana (Pa.) or Pittsburgh area, professionals and students throughout Western Pennsylvania are invited to participate and benefit from the workshops.

    Mission Statement

    The Center for Creativity and Change is to advance and enhance the creative thinking and problem-solving abilities of IUP community members, IUP alumni, and school/mental health professionals throughout the region via professional development, counseling-related workshops, and other innovative measures.  


    To successfully implement its mission statement, the Center has been established with the following five goals in mind:

    • Organize regularly scheduled professional trainings on mental health and educational topics relevant to the counseling profession
    • Offer opportunities for mental health professionals and educators in the region to learn from nationally and internationally recognized leaders and educators in the counseling profession
    • Enable the Counseling Department to enhance its relationships and professional reputation with students, other IUP departments, professionals in the region, alumni, internship supervisors, and national leaders
    • Provide consultation services for school districts and counseling agencies
    • Create and offer literature (pamphlets and books) and audio-visual products for educators and mental health professionals