Recent Student Conference Presentations

  • Robert Trimble, “Hearing Aid Speech Enhancement: A Multi-resolution Analysis Approach,” IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems, February 2005, Grindelwald, Switzerland.

    Jason Gruber, “Stock Market Data Analysis with Relative Dispersion Based Hurst Exponent,” ABIT Conference, April 2004, Pittsburgh.

    Matthew Selnekovic, “Stock Market Data Analysis Using Rescaled Range (R/S) Analysis Method,” ABIT Conference, April 2004, Pittsburgh.

    Katie Wass, “Physical Security,” PACISE 19th Annual Conference, April 2004, California, Pa.

    Gary Greenwood, “Automatic Fault Detection by Using Wavelet Method,” Twenty-third IASTED International Conference on Modeling, Identification, and Control, March 2004, Grindelwald, Switzerland.

    Matthew Lang, “Low-Dimensional Chaotic Signal Characterization Using Approximate Entrophy,” Third IASTED International Conference on Circuits, Signals, and Systems, May 2003, Cancun, Mexico.

    Michael Rhoades, “Trojan Horses: How to Detect and Remove Them,” PACISE Eighteenth Annual Conference, April 2003, Shippensburg, Pa.

    Matt Strausser, “Class Project in Software Engineering,” PACISE Eighteenth Annual Conference, April 2003, Shippensburg, Pa.

    IASTED is the International Association of Science and Technology for Development
    ABIT is the Academy of Business and Information Technology
    PACISE is the Pennsylvania Computer and Information Science Educators