Funded Research

  • Current Research, 2006

    Reliable and Secure Sensor Networks

    Ken Estes is working with Professor Bigrigg and Dr. Shumba on analysis and simulation of wireless sensor devices. This work is being funded by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance.

    Past Research

    Covert Channels

    Michael McFail, Eric Pennington, Kati Reinland, Bob Trimble, and Douglas Dunn are working with Dr. Ezekiel, Dr. Oblitey, and Mr. Wolfe. They are working toward a state-of-the-practice paper about covert channels. This research is funded by two grants from NSA.


    Michael Flickinger, Mike Glorioso, Raymond Giorgi, Jason McCarty, Paul Polites, Derek Schrock, and Taher Ahmad are working with Dr. Ezekiel. They are working to build robots and experiment with artificial intelligence. This research is funded by a small grant from ACPAC.

    Computer Security Awareness

    Alicia Coon, Sara Raffensperger, Louisa Ehinlaiye Ometere, Melissa Karolewski are working with Dr. Shumba. They are administering a universitywide survey about what tools and methods members of the public are using to secure their computers. This will lead to evaluation of these tools and a public seminar in which the effectiveness will be discussed. This research is funded by an ACM Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU) in Computer Science and Engineering Award.

    Security Tools

    In the summer of 2004, Mike Weissert was working with Dr. Shumba. He installed and downloaded fifteen Linux security tools. He then collected data on available tutorials, documented experiences on usability. The purpose was to assess the suitability of these tools for use in security courses. This research was funded through ACM Special Project funding.