Opportunities for Computer Science Majors

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    “On wikiHow, every time you load a page, it probably has some code of mine,” said Lojjik Braughler, who did an internship in their California home office last summer. “At IUP, they teach us best practices. You use best practices to set things up in a way that makes sense to other engineers.”

    Computer Science Club

    The Computer Science Club brings together a diverse group of people all of whom share a passion for computers.

    Information Assurance Club

    The Information Assurance Club was founded to explore the best methods for implementing computer security and raising awareness of security issues of the digital age.

    Computer Science Living-Learning Community

    The Computer Science Living-Learning Community is ideal for students who live on campus. By sharing a floor in the Northern Suites with fellow computer science majors, you strengthen your grasp of the curriculum.

    Lunchtime Hackers

    Lunchtime Hackers is a university-based group of people with a shared interest in technology and technology awareness. They focus on cybersecurity, software engineering, and a broad range of tech-related topics. The club meets every Thursday at 5:00 p.m., room 112a, in Stright Hall. Contact them via Twitter.

    Women in STEM

    Students in the Computer Science Department founded, in spring 2014, the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics organization. Its mission is to raise awareness of the contributions of women in STEM and to provide support for female students in these fields.

    Programming Team

    The IUP programming team regularly competes in state competitions, ACM regionals, and others.

    Information Assurance Day

    Information Assurance Day is an annual conference hosted by IUP where renowned speakers present the latest developments in the information assurance frontier.

    Colloquium Series

    Invited speakers, corporations, and faculty regularly present technical talks on software development and research activities throughout the school year.

    Women in STEM

    WOMEN IN STEM  Jayde Ferney and Lisa Vatavuk (third and second from left) lead the group Women in STEM, which encourages and supports female students majoring in areas related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at IUP. About 30 students are already on the e-mail list for the group, which was started this year.