Computer Science/Software Engineering Track, BS

  • Thomas Shaheen discusses his experience studying in the Computer Science Department at IUP. He talks about the faculty and the fundamentals he learned that he feels make him prepared for any job he may apply for in the future.

    Specialize in High-Demand Areas of Computer Science

    Prepare for a job in industry as a software engineer, database administrator, Web applications programmer, systems analyst, support specialist, and or one of many high-demand positions.

    Students are required to take a course in which they must put to practical use what they have learned-this may be done using team projects in a single three-credit course; but we encourage students to consider taking a six- to eight-month paid internship to get the true flavor of applying their computing knowledge to industry.

    Students are also required to take a minor in one of 14 areas, including mathematics, science, business, economics, geography, communications media, or cyber security.

    Note: See the IUP Undergraduate Academic Catalog for official degree requirements. This list is for basic reference only. 

    Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

    The Software Engineering track currently has 81 students enrolled in the program.  This includes students enrolled in the Applied track (the previous name for the program). In 2015, fourteen (14) students completed the program received their B.S. degree in Computer Science/Applied track.