Program Educational Objectives, Cyber Security Track

  • Program Educational Objectives

    Our graduates are expected to attain these objectives within a few years of graduation:

    1. Possess analytical skills to assess, develop, and implement information security policies and to research and analyze alternatives.
    2. Possess verbal skills to interact with customers, colleagues, managers, and law enforcement personnel, and written communication skills to describe ideas and document processes. Have the ability to explain complexity. Have the ability to convey a clear understanding of what others find to be ambiguous.
    3. Possess the ability to think logically and the capacity to understand cyber security issues, identify system vulnerabilities, and design solution alternatives.
    4. Possess an attention to detail the ability to thoroughly think through ideas and problems, then implement and test total solutions.
    5. Possess an ability to understand and vision beyond the immediate problem.
    6. Possess an ability to understand how others have analyzed and developed cyber security policies and procedures, and then to identify technical alternatives and their use to meet information security requirements.
    7. Possess an ability to anticipate effect and outcomes.
    8. Maintain professional work ethic, appearance, and demonstration of personal responsibility.
    9. Possess an ability to collaborate as a team member and team leader to affect technical solutions and solve information security problems, providing strengthened security outcomes.