The “Debugger”

  • The Debugger, the official newsletter of the Computer Science Department at IUP, is no longer being published since spring 2015. Take a look at some of the past publications to learn some history of the department. Every issue featured updates by the department chair and information about the department and its alumni! Also, see some graduation pictures and other fun and exciting news about Comp Sci.

  • Debugger, Spring 2015
    It is my pleasure to welcome everyone again to this new release of the IUP Computer Science Department’s newsletter, the Debugger. Editing this well-established newsletter is a challenging but interesting task that I am glad continuing doing it for the past three years.
    Debugger, Spring 2014
    At the beginning, I need to express my cheerfulness for being the editor of the IUP Computer Science Department’s newsletter, the Debugger. This is the second year in which I am editing this long-standing newsletter, time really flies. I hope this release will give you quick updates on the status of our Department and I hope you enjoy them.
    Debugger, Spring 2013
    I would like to welcome everyone to this new release of the IUP Computer Science Department’s newsletter, the Debugger. I am thrilled to take over the editing of our long established newsletter and hope you enjoy the various topics presented here!
    Debugger, Fall 2012
    It's here, the Fall 2012 edition of the debugger. I know everyone has been waiting. The good news is that it's here and worth the wait!
    Debugger, Fall-Spring 2011
    The long-awaited Fall/Spring 2011 edition of the debugger is here!  This is a very special edition; including a farewell statement from Charley Shubra, who retired on June 3, 2011, and much more!
    Debugger.Spring-Summer 2010
    Spring and Summer 2010 were consumed with preparation for a Fall 2010 visit by the ABET accreditation team. This edition of the Debugger details all of the happenings. Hint: ABET, budget news and enrollment.
    Debugger, Fall 2009
    This edition of the Debugger begins on a sad note with the passing of Dr. Howard Tompkins and Mr. Thomas Cunningham. Also, Mrs. Yvonne Dougherty was hired as the new department secretary, Dr. Deb and Dr. Fries have settled in and completed their first semester. 
    Debugger, Spring 2009
    Hello from the editor’s desk. We had a very productive Spring 2009 semester. This edition of the Debugger details all of the happenings.
    Debugger, Fall 2008
    Welcome to the first all green issue of The Debugger. We will be publishing The Debugger on the departmental web page from now on and invite your comments and input.
    Computer Science Department news.
    The Debugger is the official newsletter of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at IUP.
    Debugger, Fall 2007
    “Your 2 Cents” about foreign-language requirements in Computer Science, looking for alumni who interned or worked at AK Steel, and more
    Debugger, Summer 2007
    “Your 2 Cents” about attracting students to Computer Science, photo of May 2007 graduates, and more 
    Debugger, Spring 2007
    “Your 2 Cents” about Business Ethics as a required course, photo of December 2006 graduates, becoming a Century Club member, and more
    Debugger, Fall 2006
    Discussion of whether the outsourcing of computer technology jobs will eliminate the computer science major, new faculty member Mike Bigrigg, and more
    Debugger, Summer 2006
    News about ABET accreditation, notes from the Corporate Advisory Board, 1976 graduates vs. 2006 graduates, and more
    Debugger, Spring 2006
    PACISE Programming Contest results, IUP Distinguished Alumni Award winner Scott Rudy, and more
    Debugger, Fall 2005
    Brief autobiography of Dr. Felix George Hamza-Lup, ACM Programming Contest, and more
    Debugger, Summer 2005
    “Innovation in a Multidisciplinary World” by Michael Bigrigg, photo of May 2005 graduates, and more
    Debugger, Spring 2005
    Get a master’s in Information Assurance—see course requirements and how other graduates react to the program—and more 
    Debugger, Fall 2004
    “IUP Continues as a Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education” and more
    Debugger, Summer 2004
    “Full Circle” by alumnus David T. Smith, photos from May 2004 graduation, and more
    Debugger, Summer 2008
     EDITOR'S NOTES This will definitely be the first issue of The Debugger that I edit. Jim has retired. I thought it might have been an idle threat, but I should have known that Jim means what he says and as