IUP GenCyber 2018

  • IUP GenCyber Summer 2018 Program

    GenCyber logo GenCyber is a national initiative that is supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency. This program has the following objectives:

    • Increase interest in cybersecurity careers and diversity in the cybersecurity workforce of the nation.
    • Help all students understand correct and safe online behavior.
    • Improve teaching methods for delivering cybersecurity content for K-12 curricula.

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    The Funded Grant

    Under the leadership of Dr. Waleed Farag, grant PI, IUP, along with a selected group of national universities, has again been awarded funding for three years in a row to run the GenCyber program in summer 2018. Our combination camp is open to middle and high school students and teachers. The prospective camp will address essential security concepts in an interesting, novel, and multidisciplinary approach to foster interest in cybersecurity among middle and high school students and teachers in western Pennsylvania.

    Project Summary

    This project will host one free (no cost to participants), five-weekday day camp in summer 2018. Instruction will be delivered by a team of professors with numerous backgrounds but established expertise in cybersecurity teaching and research. The combined camp will provide a uniformly distributed, engaging blend of delivery that includes direct instruction, group activities, structured discovery, and hands-on, laboratory, and informal instructional techniques to both individual and combined cohorts. Upon completion of the camp, participants will have a strong understanding of cybersecurity in addition to mastering basic skills that help them be safer online. Teachers participating are eligible to earn Act 48 continuing education credits.

    Combination Camp (Middle and High School Teachers and Students)

    • Camp Dates: June 18–22, 2018

    • Application deadline is May 31, 2018. Please read application instructions very carefully and provide all required information. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

    • Combination camp’s focus is on the fundamentals of cybersecurity and safe online behavior.

    • Students: Apply for combination camp.
      Due to the very large number of student applications received, we unfortunately cannot accept any more student applications for the combination camp.

    • An e-mail notification has been sent to all applicants. Accepted students must complete and submit the online confirmation form sent in that e+mail by the stated deadline. If an accepted applicant did not confirm her/his participation in the camp, her spot will be given to the next one in the waiting list. 

    • Teachers: Apply for combination camp.

    • Student Flyer

    • Teacher Flyer

    • Camp brochure

    • Participation advantages for teachers and students

    • Camp Daily Schedule: 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. (Drop-off 8:40–8:50 a.m. and pick up 4:00–4:10 p.m. at Stright Hall parking lot).

    • Camp detailed schedule - NEW!

    • Camp curriculum - NEW!

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    If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: gen-cyber@iup.edu.

    Or, contact grant PI and Co-PI.

    Waleed Farag, Professor of Computer Science

    Professor Farag’s web page
    Phone: 724-357-2524 
    Fax: 724-357-7908 

    Soundararajan Ezekiel, Professor of Computer Science

    Phone: 724-357-2524 
    Fax: 724-357-7908