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Abstract: Dealing With Risk

  • On Dealing with Risk While Crystal Ball Gazing

    A heretic’s views on modern information security

    Rebecca Gurley Bace

    Information security has come a long way in the past half century, fueled by the proliferation of information technology and all-too-familiar forces of human nature. Rebecca Bace has been on the front lines of information security for a quarter century with a career that has taken her from the intelligence community through the national laboratories to her current post as an information security practitioner and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

    This presentation will offer an independent view of the history and current state of information risk management, with topics including the following:

    • A brief history of information security
    • How information security and risk management has changed over the last half century
    • How a casual (but interested) observer can differentiate between hype and substance when dealing with security topics
    • Thoughts on how non-technical everyday experiences can be used to understand information risk issues and management approaches
    • Advice on dealing with a future in which information risk issues may well impact and profoundly affect your everyday life.