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IUP artmark

Kovalchick Complex Logos

  • The Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex logos shown here are reserved for use only by Kovalchick Complex. To obtain copies of these images, contact the IUP Art Director in the Office of Communications and Marketing at 724-357-3062.

    Primary Logo

    Preferred mark and first choice for all uses.

    primary KCAC logo

    Shortened Logo

    Can be used when full name is not needed.

    shortened KCAC logo

    Reverse Logo

    Can be used when small (for more IUP readability).

    reverse KCAC logo

    Name Logo

    Accent mark when building/full name/university ID is not needed.

    name KCAC logo

    Extended Name Logo

    Can be used as accent mark when building image is not needed.

    extended name KCAC logo

    Condensed Logo

    Can be used when horizontal space is at a premium.

    condensed KCAC logo