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More about IUP Athletics Logos

  • IUP Crimson Hawks logo

    The IUP primary athletics logo and its family of supporting logos were introduced in 2007 to establish a separate identity for the university’s athletics teams and to mark the debut of the Crimson Hawks as IUP’s athletics nickname and mascot. The IUP athletics logo is a strong, appropriate mark for IUP’s varsity athletics teams, club sports, and associated programs.

    These logos are reserved only for use by Athletics Department teams and programs. They are not appropriate for use by or to represent academic departments or administrative offices, which instead would use the IUP logo or the IUP wordmark.




    Color is one of the most important elements of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania athletics identity system. The colors above are the official colors for all of the IUP athletics logos. If these colors are not available, the logos should be printed in all black. Logos may also be used in all white on either black or IUP Crimson backgrounds. Logos may be used in all white on other dark-color backgrounds only if previously approved. IUP athletics logos are never to be reversed.

    IUP Gray (Pantone 422 or process equivalent of 0c 0m 0y 33k) and IUP Crimson (Pantone 201 or process equivalent of 0c 100m 63y 29k) are the primary colors of the IUP athletics logos, with black and white serving as important support colors. Black and white help to add contrast to IUP Gray and IUP Crimson.

    black-and-white IUP Crimson Hawks logo

    The black-and-white IUP Crimson Hawks logos are designed to reproduce properly on either a light or a dark background. As a result, they should never be mechanically “reversed.” The positive original art files will always provide the proper reproduction.

    The Family of Logos 

    The IUP Crimson Hawks logos were designed to create a consistent brand for the university’s athletics program. At the same time, there are many variations to choose from, so that there should be a design compatible with any application. The preferred mark is the primary logo (IUP hawk wings) shown above. Logos that do not contain “IUP” are for use only when either the school name or monogram have been previously presented. For example, the hawk head design can be used inside a brochure if a logo or words identifying the university have been used on the cover. Or the talon logo can be used on a garment if either the university name or monogram is prominent.

    All artwork and variations are available in Macintosh and PC digital file formats.

    The entire family of full-color IUP athletics logos is shown below.

    Black-and-White Logo Art 

    The IUP athletics logos are also available in black-and-white versions. Examples of these are shown below.

    These logos may also be reproduced in all white on either black or IUP Crimson backgrounds. Logos may be reproduced in all white on other dark-colored backgrounds only with prior approval. The logos may be reproduced in all IUP Gray only with the prior approval of the art director in the Communications and Marketing office.

    Never use IUP athletics logos in all IUP Gray without prior approval.

    Approval required