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IUP artmark

IUP Athletics Youthmark Logos

  • The new IUP youthmarks were designed to create a consistent, youth-oriented brand for the university’s athletics program. As shown, there are many variations to choose from, so there should be a design compatible with any application.

    These logos are not ever to be used as replacements for the IUP athletics identity. They are solely for use on youth-oriented merchandise and to represent the Jr. Hawks Club. All artwork and variations are available in Macintosh and PC digital file formats.


    All of the IUP youthmark logos are available in full color (black, IUP Crimson, and IUP Gray) and all black. Some examples are shown below.

    Youthmark logos may also be used in all white on either black or IUP Crimson backgrounds. Logos may also be used in all white on other dark color backgrounds only if previously approved. The logos may be used in all IUP Gray only with the prior approval of the Art Director in the Communications and Marketing office.