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IUP artmark

Circular Merchandising Mark

  • With special permission, this mark may be used for merchandise. It is not appropriate for traditional communications pieces, such as advertisements, brochures, webpages, or stationery.

    The Office of Communications and Marketing promotes the use of a single art mark in all advertising materials. The formal IUP art mark can be viewed below:

    IUP art mark

    The Office of Communications and Marketing does not utilize any college, department or unit logos or marks in any advertising materials. This provides consistency in promoting to our external the university brand and image.

    Beyond Expectations visual identity mark

    Many colleges, divisions, and units often ask for an identifier for imprinting and merchandising purposes. The Office of Communications and Marketing provides a single identifier in a circular type of presentation that provides for college, department or unit identification (shown at right).

    On a case-by-case basis, the Office of Communications and Marketing will provide this identifier for the explicit use of imprinting or merchandising. This identifier, if approved for requested usage, should be not be construed as a secondary logo that can be used for traditional advertising and communications purposes. Rather, it should be confined to use on merchandise products, such as lapel pins, apparel, etc. Requests for use of such an identifier should be made directly to the Creative Services manager.