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Stationery with Accreditation Marks

  • Of course, accreditation plays an important role in an academic environment. The Communications and Marketing Office has created a stationery style that will accommodate the marks of accrediting bodies.

    See the sample below on how they may be integrated onto stationery.

    Colleges and departments that wish to include accrediting body marks should be sure to acquire the official mark from the accrediting body. Copying marks from webpages will not provide the appropriate resolution. Instead, visit the accrediting body’s website to search for a file to download that is specified for the printing process. Note that marks will be sized to 2/3-inch wide. Acquiring something larger works best, because the file can be reduced. Smaller files will not work, because resolution will be lost if the image needs to be increased in size.

    • Accreditation logos cannot exceed 2/3" x 2/3" in size on the college or department stationery.
    • Accreditation logos can only appear in IUP Gray (33 percent black), not in any other ink colors.
    • If a second or third marks from other accrediting agencies are desired, the additional logos may be placed directly below the position of the first logo.

    Please note that only marks from accrediting bodies are appropriate for stationery. Marks symbolizing temporary accolades are not appropriate.

    IUP Stationery with Accreditation Mark