The department does have resources available to support graduate students.

Selection will be competitive and based on program needs. Individuals wishing to be considered for these funding opportunities should submit completed applications by March 15 for full consideration.

Graduate Assistants (GAs)

Some students will receive GA assignments to support the work of the doctoral program and the needs of the department. GAs will be assigned to work with specific faculty members on items such as research and scholarly activity, including instructional support and materials development, production activities, or other departmental projects.

Graduate Student Employment

Students may seek hourly positions in the department or at the university. This can include lab and production work, grant funded projects, or program support activities.

Teaching Associates (TAs)

Doctoral candidates may be given TA assignments to teach specified courses in the department. All TAs work with a faculty member who serves as a mentor and resource person to help them develop sound teaching strategies.

Research Funding and Support

Along with the School for Graduate Studies and Research, the department offers financial support for students to present their research at conferences.